On Theodore Rothke and misinterpretation.

One thought on “On Theodore Rothke and misinterpretation.”

  1. i love your thoughts about writing. i was with you that it was playful mucking about, then i got to the right ear, and almost switched lanes (not that i wanted to agree with your uppity teacher, oh no, not at all), but then i reread and now i’m almost certain the right ear is scraping against the belt buckle (loaded choice there — smart poet) as they are dancing and the little fellow, no taller than his dad’s belt buckle, is banging into the buckle as they clumsily try to dance….the poet walks the fine line — and isn’t that often how it must seem to a child? — between play and punishment, joy and cruelty…..and might that be the poet’s point? to leave us in the fog, to sift it out, only by gut and heart….


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